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A well-balanced charcuterie board set-up captivates the eyes and appeals to the tastebuds. At Passion's Fruitopia & Charcuterie, we have a variety of mouthwatering charcuterie boards in Lake County, IN, LaPorte County, IN, Porter County, IN, & Cook County, IL. Whether you have a large party or want to treat yourself, we have a package for you. We use an array of items to suit your taste and preference. Some items we artistically use to create our charcuterie board include candy, traditional fruit, and breakfast. If you love your favorite item infused with alcohol, we got you covered.

Charcuterie Board Services
We create a variety of charcuterie boards that will cater to your customized need, a number of audiences, and your pocket too. We started operating our fruit display business in 2016. It began with people recognizing us as charcuterie board experts after a graduation party. Since then, we have continued to offer outstanding charcuterie board set-ups and training. If you are looking for charcuterie board services in Lake County, IN, LaPorte County, IN, Porter County, IN, & Cook County, IL, Passion's Fruitopia is a one-stop store for you. Contact us now!

Charcuterie Board
Charcuterie is the culinary art of creating a combination of food items on a board for parties, events, or personal serving. The classic charcuterie board involved the preparation of meat products. However, in modern times, it has evolved to a mouthwatering combination of more food items.

Our charcuterie board varieties are a go-to for all your party needs, gifting, or personal treat. We have a complement of different items that are artistically combined into a beautiful and tasty charcuterie. Our charcuterie board variety includes a grazing table for significant events, a fruit display, charcuterie cones or cups, a medium charcuterie box, a 13" platter, fruit kabobs, and pineapple boats. Each one of them will leave you with a craving for more.

DIY Charcuterie
You can make your charcuterie at home. It's the easiest way to get creative with the foods you buy at the store. You can start by making a list of what you want to make and then creating a shopping list for ingredients. Making a list of what you'll need helps you avoid forgetting some essential items. Ensure that your board is ready; if you don't have one, craft or purchase it. Then, find some recipes online that you think would work well on your charcuterie board. Take notes on how many servings each recipe makes, what items it uses, how to arrange the assortments etc.

After gathering all your materials, prepare them according to the directions on the recipe card. Otherwise, you can enroll in charcuterie classes to learn how to create a charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Classes
Charcuterie classes are sessions where you learn how to create charcuterie at home for your guest or family. The classes may be either virtual or in-person, where you choose the option that's more flexible for you.

In our charcuterie classes, we are committed to offering the best skills that will make you the talk of the town. Our classes are hosted by Rashieda Bennet, the founder of Passion's Fruitopia. The class accommodates at least five people who learn for 1 hour. You can choose the in-person or virtual program. The in-person classes are more engaging and priced at $300, but if you are a busy person, you can join the virtual classes at $150. 

By attending our classes, you can expect a fun moment as you get value for your time and money used in attendance. Some of the lessons we offer include:

• Understanding the history of charcuterie boards
• Board basics and maintenance
• How to choose cheese
• Tips for storing cheese
• Fruit, cheese, and meat combination tips
• Best places to buy ingredients
• Drink pairing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  
Let's look at some questions people often ask about Charcuterie Boards.

What Kind of Wood Do You Use For Charcuterie Board?
The best wood to use for charcuterie boards is non-porous hardwood. This is because non-porous wood hardly absorbs odors and water. If the charcuterie board is porous, it will suck up the funky juices in your items. The non-porous wood suitable for charcuterie includes American cherry, teak, olive, hard maple, acacia, walnut, and bamboo.

When choosing a board for your charcuterie, some qualities to look out for include hard solid wood, porosity, lacquering, and varnishing. The wood to avoid include mahogany and Cyprus. Cedar, pine, larch, and walnut (some but black walnut is okay).

What is on a Charcuterie?
A charcuterie board can have different items. There is no specific rule about what you should include on a charcuterie board. You can let your artistic sense flow to what you desire. This helps you customize it according to your guest or client's taste and preference. The typical assortments for a charcuterie include fruits, spreads, meat, olives, bread, cheese, pickles, nuts, veggies, and crackers.

Whatever item you choose to include on the charcuterie board, ensure you make it enticing by including more color and mixing texture and flavors. For dips, olives, spreads, and pickles put them in bowls, then arrange the other ingredients.

What Do You Seal Charcuterie Board With?
Different good finishes for charcuterie boards help maintain and make the food safe. Whether your charcuterie board is self-made or purchased, it's necessary to coat the board with a suitable finish.
The various finishes best for charcuterie differ in durability, availability, water resistance, scratch resistance, and texture. They include hemp oil, wood wax, pure tung oil, mineral oil, linseed oil, beeswax, and coconut oil. You should consider the characteristics of each before settling for any of them.

Need Charcuterie Boards in Lake County, IN, LaPorte County, IN, Porter County, IN, & Cook County, IL?
If you need charcuterie boards in Lake County, IN, LaPorte County, IN, Porter County, IN, & Cook County, IL, Passion's Fruitopia & Charcuterie is the place to be. We have a variety of charcuterie boards that you will be lost for choice. Depending on your specific needs, we can artistically customize your charcuterie board to your preference. Whether you intend to serve a large or a small event, the options are available to perfectly satisfy your guest colorfully and delightfully. We can also package charcuterie boards as gifts for workplaces, schools, or events. Contact us to learn more about our unique charcuterie experiences.